Mobilise for Employers

Every day in the UK 600 people drop out of work because they can no longer cope with their additional caring responsibilities.

This costs businesses at least £5.3 billion per year.

Mobilise is setting out to reduce that figure, by transforming the support available for carers.

Carers - an often-invisible, unsupported part of the workforce

There are 8 million carers in the UK, representing 1 in 7 of the workforce but this can rise to 1 in 5 for some employers.

Carers come from all backgrounds, but are typically aged between 40 and 64. This means they are often more experienced employees and therefore expensive to replace.

Without the appropriate support, many carers feel isolated and overwhelmed by their caring role. Too often this leads carers to feel they have to give up work when, with the right support in place, they could continue to thrive at work and at home.

Employers are increasingly recognising the business case for providing appropriate support to the carers in their workforce, many of whom may not have identified that they are a carer.

How Mobilise Can Help
  1. Identification: There are many challenges which prevent employers identifying those in their workforce who could benefit from support as carers - partly because carers often don't recognise the caring role they hold. We can help identify who needs support.                                                                                                                                                                      

  2. Support: The Mobilise employee support programme offers:

  • Initial consultation using the ‘Carers Compass’ self-evaluation tool with a trained Mobilise navigator

  • Confidential support and guidance

  • Supported 4/6-week action plan to help tackle the challenges being faced and help build coping skills and personal resilience

  • Tailored information about the support available from their Local Authority and signposting to a range of local support organisations and services

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