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Welcome to Mobilise Moments

Mobilise Moments is a free daily survey. It takes just a few minutes and allows you to explore how you and other unpaid carers are experiencing life. 

How it works

Every day we’ll send you a text message or email with a link to a two-question poll. We’ll ask you how you are and also the question of the day. You’ll then get the results from the previous day, where you can see how your response compares with other unpaid carers.

Mobilise exists to support unpaid carers, so we’ll be proactive in ensuring that you are OK through our carer support team of Suzanne, Chloe, Jacqui and Shirley! 

Why register?

Too little is understood about the lives of people looking after someone. By contributing you’ll be lifting the lid on our collective experience and making a difference.


We’ll collate the information and data and anonymously share this with local and central government, political parties, the NHS and other carer support organisations.

Have more questions? Head below to read our frequently asked questions. 

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Examples of insights from Mobilise Moments

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 07.48.11.png

We asked unpaid carers “When did you last get a break from your caring role?” and were concerned (but not surprised) to see that 50% of our community have never had a break.


This is a worrying statistic, not least because we all need to refill the tank to keep on going but furthermore 19% of us have not taken a break since the COVID-19 restrictions began.

Clearly having no discernible break in the last 10 months (at the time of writing) or longer is not a sustainable situation. If this is you, you may like to read our blog: How to care for yourself, when there's not time to care for yourself.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions 


What computer or device do I need?

To receive our text message you will need a smartphone that is capable of opening website links from a text message. This is possible for most modern smartphones. If your phone is over five years old you may wish to choose email as the way you receive Mobilise Moments. 

Emails can be opened as you would normally access them. 


Do I need to download an app?

No - our service is currently available without an app. 


How will my data be stored? 

All data is stored securely and subject to our privacy policy. Only carefully selected people within Mobilise can access your personal information, and only for specific reasons.


Will you share my data with anyone? 

We don’t share personal information with other organisations except where it is necessary to provide our services. For example we will pass your data to a third party to send your daily text message or email. We have a contract with all data processors to protect your data. 


Where we’re sharing the results of our polls, this will always be aggregated and anonymous.

How do I change my preferences or let you know who about a change in circumstance?

If you would like to stop receiving Mobilise Moments you can click a link on any of your daily notifications. If you would like to switch from email to text message or vice versa please email:

General feedback

If you have any feedback about Mobilise Moments, we are all ears! The good, the bad and the ugly are all warmly received. Drop us an email at

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