• Joe Legate

#14 | Results from 11th February

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.


Yesterday we asked: Exercise? Do you do it?

Graph showing the results to the question Since the pandemic started have your digital skills improved? 50% said yes and only 2% said no

What a sporty bunch we are! Over 60% of us exercise frequently, once a week or more.

Exercise can give a great boost to our mental health: It can help you sleep better, improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety (according to Mind).

We recognise that right now exercise can be difficult for some. This morning Mr Motivator was on BBC Breakfast doing seated exercise, which were great fun.

Of course, many of our normal sporting activities are currently on pause, like playing football or squash, so it is even more important to try to find alternatives to bridge the gap and not let your own health slip.

Youtube can be an amazing source of inspiration, from Yoga, Qijong and Pilates through to workouts from Joe Wicks and other personal trainers, there is something for everyone.

Do you use videos for exercise? Share your favourite in our Facebook Group.

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