• Joe Legate

#2 | Results from 29th January

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Living situations

Yesterday we asked: Do you live with the person you care for?

Over 90% of our Mobilise Moments community live with the person we care for. Our community is made up of all sorts of caring situations, whether that be caring for parents, partners, siblings, children or adult children. As the number of people completing Mobilise Moments increases, we'll ask this question again to get get a sense of whether this initial finding holds mostly true for a significant number of carers.

If you feel like all you experience is the same four walls day-after-day and that you're not getting any respite - take a look at Claire's blog on a change is as good as a rest. Claire discusses why people need change and also covers some great way to achieve it.

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