• Joe Legate

#25 | Results from 22nd February

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Zoom zoom

Yesterday we asked: What device do you use for video calls?

Graph showing the results to the question Since the pandemic started have your digital skills improved? 50% said yes and only 2% said no

For those of us involved in our daily online cuppas and support calls this is an important question. Knowing what devices people have means we can adapt our services and make them available to as many unpaid carers as possible.

It's also, for many, the primary method of communication and being able to see a loved one at the moment. We've heard others in the community talking about essential contact with their loved one, in a care home, occurring via skype. 2020 was most definitely the year of the video call!

If you're feeling alone or isolated in any way, why not join one of our online cuppas? They're just 45 minutes at a variety of times through the week and are safe spaces with other carers, who get it. Find out more on our cuppa page.

Get support in your caring role, contact your local carer centre. Find out who is closest using this nifty tool from the Carers Trust.

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