• Joe Legate

#29 | Results from 26th February

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Home is where our story begins...

Yesterday we asked: What's your housing situation?

Graph showing that 53% of carers had gained weight, whilst 32% had stayed the same.

Nationally, the housing situation shows that three-quarters of us aged over 65 will own our own home outright. Our overall data doesn't show this, but when we layer in age, it matches almost exactly.

Those in their mid-30s to mid-40s, are far more likely to be renting than 20 years ago. With 1/3 of us in that age group renting, the office for national statistics says. Again we see this mirrored in the data collected by Mobilise Moments.

It is often said that Brits are overly interested in home ownership compared to our German cousins on the continent, where renting is the norm. But, as the cost of home ownership has risen, the rate of home ownership has fallen. The UK is now comfortably in the bottom 10 countries in Europe for home ownership. This is below our friends in Italy, Spain and Portugal, but still higher than Germany, where 50% of people own their own home.

Take a look at the full data from the office for national statistics on trends in home ownership. How do you compare?

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