• Joe Legate

#3 | Results from 30th January

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Where do you shop?

Yesterday we asked: Where do you normally shop for your groceries?

This isn't a list of our favourite grocer, just the one you normally visit. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the data we've submitted in Mobilise Moments seems to mirror that of the statistics on which supermarkets have the most stores. Why ask this question you may be thinking?

We can't live without groceries, so choosing a shop or supermarket that caters to your needs can be really important. Especially in a pandemic. Has the supermarket you use made it easy for you to continue to shop there? Do you feel safe if you shop in person? Have you been able to get a delivery slot. Do you have a choice? What more could supermarkets do to support people who are looking after someone?

Indicatively, we hear that Tesco and Sainsbury's have worked hard on communication and prioritising delivery slots for those in need.

What's your experience? Do you think a particular supermarket caters better to your situation? Let us know moments@mobiliseonline.co.uk

And now for some light relief!

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