• Joe Legate

#30 | Results from 27th February

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.


Yesterday we asked: Do you set personal goals?

Graph showing that 53% of carers had gained weight, whilst 32% had stayed the same.

As we saw in the Mobilise Moment two days ago, many of us have had to change our working lives significantly due to our caring role. This can have meant amending our goals, or putting them on hold, particularly when it comes to our careers. But can we still have goals? Are they still useful to us personally?

Goals, when set properly, can be a really useful way of "getting stuff done". 46% of us are aiming in some direction and say that we have "priorities and direction", with a further 8% saying they set goals and find them useful.

Today's nugget is possibly best placed for the 46% of us who don't set goals or who struggle to reach them. We've got a great blog from Jill at Camden Carers, on "Setting and achieving personal goals whilst caring". Take a read - and as always - let us know what you think in our Facebook Group.

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