• Joe Legate

#31 | Results from 28th February

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.


Yesterday we asked: Other than your mortgage (if you have one), how much debt do you have?

Graph showing that 53% of carers had gained weight, whilst 32% had stayed the same.

Debt is often very personal. Something we don't discuss with our friends and families. The media has carried many negative stories of how debt can get out of control because we are too embarrassed to talk about it. It can also be a good thing, particularly when interest free options are available. It can enable people to make changes immediately and pay them off later. It may also be a necessity - in the case of funding education.

Our community has a wide range of debt situations, from those without any debt, to the nearly 20% of us who have between £2,001 and £5,000 of debt. In general, those aged 41-60 are least likely to be debt free.

As carers, we may take on debt due to our situation. This could be because we have stopped working due to our caring situation, or because we've needed to take on debt to finance adaptations to our homes or vehicles.

Left unmanaged or where repayments exceed your capacity to pay, debt can become another big worry for the list. If you are experiencing challenges with your debt, you may benefit from seeking help and support. Their will almost certainly be local services who can help (Google is your friend here) but you may also like to look at these charities:

- Step Change

- National Debt Line

- Christians Against Poverty

In addition, the Citizens Advice Bureau can also provide advice.

Get support in your caring role, contact your local carer centre. Find out who is closest using this nifty tool from the Carers Trust.

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