• Claire Cook

#38 | Results from 7th March

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

What's your favourite Sunday roast?

Graph of results to the question "Do you spend on yourself?" 39% say that they do occasionally, whilst 35% say they only do so when necessary.

Yesterday was a bit of fun. No surprises to see beef, lamb and chicken holding the top three spots. With beef and lamb equally popular!

It was also nice to see the nut roast and veggie option taking 14.5% too - more popular than pork! And let's be honest, a roast is nothing without the veg - you can't beat the perfect roast potato!

We hope we were all able to enjoy our favourite roast yesterday. And for some light relief today - here are The Shipmans and the Wests enjoying their roast turkey!

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