• Claire Cook

#50 | Results from 19th March

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

All change?

Yesterday we asked: What is your experience of the turnover/change in staff related to your caring situation?

Graph showing how unpaid carers rated the support they receive from family and friends. The majority of respondents don't rate support highly on a scale of 1-5. With 5 being very well supported. 68% rated their support three or under.

Reassuringly a third of us mostly see the same people, which can be a huge help in creating reliable continuity of care and quite frankly - should reduce how many times we have to repeat ourselves!

However, a further third of us do experience staff turnover to varying degrees, with just over 15% of us having little to no continuity. This can make challenging situations much harder.

And finally almost another third of us stated that we couldn't answer this question. We're wondering if this is because, quite simply, no outside support is being offered. We've seen through previous Mobilise Moments questions that access to respite and support from local councils is low.

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For those of us who do experience a turnover in staff, there is a simple tool that may help to make the process a little easier of us.

One page profiles are a snapshot of the most important information about our cared-for. This can help us to reduce the amount of times we have to repeat ourselves, but also provides reassurance that the most important stuff is captured.

We've prepared a brief guide and template to get us started....

Get support in your caring role, contact your local carer centre. Find out who is closest using this nifty tool from the Carers Trust.

If you were forwarded this page and you look after someone, you might like to contribute to a better understanding of unpaid carers. Sign-up for free to take part in Mobilise Moments today.