• Claire Cook

#65 | Results from 3rd April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Favourite day of the week

Yesterday we asked: Do you prefer weekdays or weekends in your caring role?

It would seem that for most of us, there is no tangible difference between weekdays and weekends, when considering our caring role. Possibly even more so, whilst we have been living through a lockdown and support has been harder to come by - regardless of the day of the week.

To some extent it will also depend on the type of routines we each have in place, when support is available, and if it changes between weekdays and weekends. Parent carers of children for example, may find care support easier during the week, when school is open (lockdowns aside!).

Here's a little video to brighten your day - Mufasa is definitely a weekend fan!

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