• Joe Legate

#69 | Results from 7th April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

How long have you been caring?

Yesterday we asked: How long have you been caring for?

Our community is made up of some exceptionally experienced carers, as well as those that are completely new to caring. We know this from our Facebook Group, and now we have the data to boot. 23% of us have been caring for decades, whilst 73% have been looking after someone for years. That's a lot of experience, knowledge and wisdom that will benefit those that are new to their caring journey, like the 3.6% who have been caring for a matter of months.

Whatever stage of your caring journey, it can be worth refreshing and checking that we have some of the foundations in place. Mobilise has a five-part email course that can run you through some of the essentials as well as a few other extras to ensure you are ready for anything. Find out more about the email course.

Get support in your caring role, contact your local carer centre. Find out who is closest using this nifty tool from the Carers Trust.

If you were forwarded this page and you look after someone, you might like to contribute to a better understanding of unpaid carers. Sign-up for free to take part in Mobilise Moments today.