• Joe Legate

#71 | Results from 9th April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Religion and us

Yesterday we asked: Are you currently religious?

Last week in the Facebook Group we shared Carol's blog on Easter, faith and caring. It provoked a really great discussion from those who followed a faith but now don't, to those that are currently religious and also those that aren't at all. So we were curious how many of the community currently follow a religion or faith... and the results are in.

Nearly 35% of us are religious in some way whilst almost the same say that they are not religious at all. Perhaps most interestingly are the 24% who used to follow a religion - has this changed because of their caring role?

The discussion brought out some themes, do any resonate with you? Some felt that religion had provided support and comfort, others felt it had been the values-based backbone to their lives. And several had struggled to reconcile faith and their caring situation.

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