• Claire Cook

#87 | Results from 26th April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

All clean

Yesterday we asked: How often do you bath/shower?

It's great to see that over 65% of us shower or bath most or every day. Like yesterday's question around eating 3 meals (MM #86), it's a good indicator of how well we're looking after ourselves.

Taking time for ourselves, either through a bath or shower - or through a prepared meal, sends a message to ourselves. A message that we matter. An important pillar in supporting our own mental health.

So let's make sure we're carving a little time for ourselves today and everyday.

We can make the most of even a short shower, by turning it into a mindful moment. Instead of barely noticing our shower - try this exercise to make the most from the few minutes.

And don't worry - they don't have to be as eventful as Kevin's shower in Home Alone 2!

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