• Claire Cook

#88 | Results from 27th April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Time to talk

In a normal day do you talk to someone that isn't the person you care for?

While over 47% of us do talk to someone other than our cared-for, most or every day. Over 50% of us only talk to someone else occasionally, some days or never.

Having the right support network around us is incredibly good for our mental health, as is being able to just talk. To get things off our chest, to acknowledge our feelings, sometimes just to vent - and sometimes just for a good old fashioned belly laugh.

A CarersUK report tells us that 81% of carers have felt lonely or socially isolated as a result of their caring role.

If you're feeling lonely or isolated, or simply need a friendly smile and a listening ear, then Mobilise can help.

Illustration of a cup of tea. Virtual cuppa for carers

With daily virtual cuppas and free support calls, it's easy to reach out and start connecting. And if talking feels like a step too far, then why not start with our friendly Facebook Group. Sometimes it's easier to connect by writing, before we feel up to talking.

Whatever works for you, we're here for you.

Get support in your caring role, contact your local carer centre. Find out who is closest using this nifty tool from the Carers Trust.

If you were forwarded this page and you look after someone, you might like to contribute to a better understanding of unpaid carers. Sign-up for free to take part in Mobilise Moments today.