• Joe Legate

#90 | Results from 29th April

Here are the results from yesterday’s Mobilise Moments poll.

Spring cleaning

Yesterday we asked: Do you have a cleaner?

If we're in a position to, paying for some small outside can help can ensure that we are able to spend a bit more time focussing on something we'd like to do.

A cleaner can be a straightforward way to get a couple of hours back! Only 10% of us currently have a cleaner whilst a further 12.5% say that if finances allowed then they would get one.

A cleaner is just one example of help that can be brought in, but there are some free or relatively low cost options which could also work. One of the easiest to set up, is having your groceries delivered. The additional cost is low or free and it could mean that you spend an hour going for a walk, gardening or visiting a friend instead of down the shops! Laundry services exist in many parts of the country too - often priced by weight and if you struggle for space to dry things can be a great way of getting all your clothes returned clean, dry and folded.

If you are doing your own cleaning, handiwork or washing - don't do it like Mr Bean.

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