April Priorities for Carers

We've been tracking the priorities of carers throughout the whole coronavirus pandemic. Here we share our results for April 2021. What a challenging year it has been for us, in so many different ways.

The Headlines

Carers' own stress and anxiety has dropped slightly but continues to be the priority, our concern about the virus is still evident and a whole load of "other" issues still need to be managed. A clear reminder that whilst others talk of returning to normal our own normal might not be something that means less stress and anxiety.

Carer stress and anxiety

Following the red line above and reading comments shared alongside the poll we can see what a stressful year this has been for carers. Whilst most of the population has probably experienced stress and anxiety in the past year, adding a pandemic to our often stressful caring roles has made it a particularly intense time.

I am feeling more stressed as lockdown loosens. "Normal life" will show that my life is not normal
Just too many events for one month....one ambulance too many
I'm feeling like I'm on a treadmill
Having total responsibility is giving me anxiety
Lack of support from Local Authorities
My son's care company is failing him and has been for a while...financial contribution has doubled

This is not the time to let our guard down when protecting our loved ones

We continue to be concerned about coronavirus - if we get it...who will care for those we are looking after? If those we care for get it....the risks are so high.

It worries me every time I go out shopping that I bring the virus back home and infect my wife
I'm not ready to lose her and she's very frail and vulnerable
I haven’t come this far in successfully protecting him only to see him get it now due to either our, or somebody else's, carelessness and if he did get it he might not survive

What else are we also dealing with?

Those of us that answered 'something else' was a priority shared a little about the current challenges.

Made redundant due to Covid. Need to find a new job
Our own health issues and concerns about the vaccine
Family problems
Worried about a very ill neighbour with no family to help her

Let's build back better for carers

What these polls don't show is how, as carers, we've found ways of coping, the new types of support that have opened up and the power of a community that want to improve things for other carers. It is important to highlight the reality of being a carer and to share what the challenges are, but that's only valuable if we are listened to...there needs to be a 'so what?'....so that we build back better for carers.

We can hear more about the build back better conversation from our CEO and Co-founder James Townsend who has been talking to others who share the same passion. Build Back Better for Carers Conversations on YouTube