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Inviting carers to the art of Tai Chi - Embrace challenge with courage

Tai Chi is Chinese martial art originating back to the 13th century, and well-known for its health benefits. Greenwich carers have shared this wonderful, short Tai Chi exercise, to allow us five minutes of calm. And as a little taster of something we might like to do more of.

A quick five minute Tai Chi breathing exercise

There is often a misconception that we need to be fit in order to do Tai Chi. In fact, Tai Chi is for everyone! As carers, we frequently neglect our physical health caring for our loved ones.

Trying this short but graceful five minutes exercise will help us find balance in the chaotic duties we carry out daily!

This video draws on an equilibrium between fire (the sun) and purifying water (the ocean) and explains how this in practice, can improve our vitality. It highlights three points to help us re-center our breathing - "for breathing is our life".

As well as this helpful exercise to help us manage our mind-boggling days, Carmen Cooper from BANES Carers Centre also provides useful sleep tips video for carers to help us manage our nights!

If you have tried out these exercises and found them useful, feel free to share your experiences with our Facebook community. You can also join in on our virtual daily cuppas to discuss your experiences and own wisdom.

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