July Priorities for carers

Every month we ask the Mobilise community of carers "what is your priority at the moment?" So by answering that poll each month we are helping other carers. It's good to know we're not alone and others might be feeling the same thing. Then together we can look at what works to help us with these priorities.

The Headlines

Our concerns about coronavirus are on the up and stress and anxiety is still pretty high. Relaxing of lockdown and other people's behaviour seems to be the trigger for this. Some of us are turning our thoughts to practical matters but even these are often connected with keeping safe.

Why is the virus still a priority for us?

Changes to lockdown and how other people are behaving is a concern if we, or the people we care for, are vulnerable or shielding.

"I'm nervous about all the people now thinking this is over when it is not really. We are still at risk"
"It's still there and living in a seaside town lots of visitors will be arriving and this worries me."
"I still don’t feel it’s very safe, especially with the lifting of ‘normal peoples’ restrictions"

Our stress and anxiety levels are still high

The long-term nature of lockdown combined with our existing caring responsibilities and the challenges of the coronavirus situation have built up.

"It’s been an extremely stressful time. Hubby has been worse and I get no away time. I don’t know how I am coping."
"I am getting anxious and my sleeping is erratic."
"A second spike terrifies me."

Our next steps


These have been difficult times for many carers, you are not alone. We might just need to give ourselves a bit of kindness and breathing space as we get ready for the next part of the journey. Find out how other carers are showing kindness to themselves here.


For those of us looking for ways to manage stress we'll all find different things work for us. Here's some ideas from the NHS. We also know that just sharing how things are with someone can help to lift the intensity of the stress. Do join our Mindness Monday virtual cuppas - we'll try out some stress busting tools together.


Sometimes the cause of stress is our perspective. Do take a look at our 'What do you see as lockdown lifts' blog she's got some great tools for helping us to look at things in a new way.

Create your own new normal

Taking control of our own new normal, stepping back and choosing how we want to respond and looking for places where we have choice and options. Carers are finding that this is a great thing to do in a 1-1 call. Why not try it? Book a call with me here.