Mobilise Moments Deep Dive: life at home

Over the last two weeks we’ve been listening to the community through our daily poll service, Mobilise Moments. Designed to keep a finger on the pulse of carers, Mobilise Moments has gathered information on lots of aspects of our current caring situations.

Home sweet home?

As a community we’re polarised by our own thoughts and opinions of our own homes (MM #21) 53% of us are comfortable and happy in our homes. This was especially the case for those of us looking after extended family. Those who were looking after parents were twice as likely to to say that they were unhappy with their home, than happy with it. They made up the majority of the 43% who felt their home could be more suited to their needs, or simply that they didn’t like it all.

Our homes are further benefited by ready access to green space (MM #24), Only 13% of us say that we don't have access to green space or don't use the green space that we do have access to.

Support and time for us

Our support structures could be stronger and more support could be provided for us. Only 24% of us had accessed some support outside of Mobilise within the last month (MM #16).

As a result, our caring roles can be overwhelming at times, which is why some time for us is really important. When we asked about the guilt associated with taking me time (MM #23) a whopping 80% of people experienced some guilt in taking me time. Working age carers in particular, were far less likely to say that they felt ‘no strong sense of guilt’ or were ‘guilt free’. Perhaps this ties in to the question on which gift we would rather have (MM #17). 38% said a night on our own!

In any free time that we do have, only 20% of us are likely to spend this on creative activities (MM #18), whilst at least 50% of us are glued to the news, checking it at least twice (or more) a day!

Food glorious food

We asked about how we prepare meals (MM #19). Whilst the vast majority of responses showed that we are adept at thinking on our feet, and cooking whatever we find, particularly if we are carers for our parents. Batch cooking was far more likely for those of us that are of working age.

This food, that has become the focus of many a daily routine in lockdown, has not always had positive consequences. Over 50% say that we have gained weight (MM #25) since the first lockdown and would like to do something about it!

The graphs!

Have you become a carer since the start of the 1st lockdown in March 2020?

Do you have access to any green space near your home, which you can reach without a car or public transport?

When did you last access support for YOUR caring role outside of Mobilise?

Do you feel guilty about taking ‘me time’ or time for yourself?

Given the option which of these would you rather have?

Do you use creativity to relax?

How would you describe the majority of the meals you prepare for yourself?

Have you gained weight since March 2020?