Money saving carers

Whether we are simply trying to make ends meet or saving up for a "staycation" or post lockdown treat, our top tips from carers on saving money are worth checking out.

We opened the topic up in a Cuppa and the answers came pouring out. Then we asked the same question in our Facebook community of unpaid carers, and to those who are signed up to our weekly emails.

So here are our very own Money Saving Experts tips

Good finance habits

  • Save our loose change in a jar. An online version of save our change is available with lots of bank accounts too.

  • Split money for bills into a separate account - particularly good if we are paid weekly but bills go out monthly.

  • When phone contracts end, don’t carry on paying - switch to a sim only contract.

  • Use a switching site like USwitch or Compare the Market when reaching the end of a contract period with our utility company (they really are low effort in comparison to how much we could save).


Not all are tried and tested by carers but discounts and money back schemes are available:

Supermarket Savings

  • Pop to supermarkets about an hour before they close to hunt down yellow ticket / reduced items. Look out for the section or temporary trolley where they put these.

  • Most supermarkets have a loyalty scheme that might help us save points or get discount vouchers.

Making things last

  • When toiletries, cleaning chemicals, food in squeezy packaging is nearly finished, chop open the packaging to scoop out and not waste any

  • Add water to the last few drops of washing up liquid, hand soap to use every last drop

Out and About (when we can)

  • If we travel by train more than a couple of times a year consider getting a railcard

  • CEA Cinema pass - Carers go for free!

  • Theatre Access Passes - check with our local theatre - they may have free carers tickets

  • Theme parks and zoos often offer free carers entry

Tell people about your caring role

  • Let our energy & utility companies know we are caring for someone

  • If we are struggling to pay a bill, let the company we owe know and let them know our caring situation

  • Places local to us may also offer a carer discount - don’t forget to ask

  • Register as a carer with your GP - you’ll get a free flu jab

Make money from your spending

  • Try cashback sites like TopCashBack and Quidco. Visit their website first and then click through to buy things from the websites that interest us.

  • Have a bank account or credit card which rewards us for spending with a cashback incentive

Spend less

  • Mislay our bankers card

  • Make list of necessary items before descending on the shops, and keep to it.

  • Only go to the shops when they’re about to close.

  • Make list of necessities and ask a friend to shop for us.

  • Only buy essentials

  • Leave our card or cash at home if we are not going out with the intention of buying something

  • If we (or the person we are looking after) have more that four prescription items per year look into a pre-paid certificate. We can pay monthly.

What other money saving top tips would you add? Do share them in our Facebook community group of other unpaid carers!