November Priorities for Carers

The results are in from our regular monthly poll of carers. With the second wave of Covid-19 we saw increased restrictions across the UK and a second lockdown in England. With this as a background we look at what has been a priority for carers in November.

The Headlines

Things haven't changes hugely since October, Covid-19 and carers' own stress and anxiety continue to be of high priority.

Stress and Anxiety

Carers really are feeling the impact of having had no break from caring for a long time and not seeing opportunities for a break on the horizon

I wonder how long I can keep going
Never getting a proper break and the darkness makes it worse
It’s been more stressful recently and I can only take so much

Keeping loved ones safe

For many this has remained the number one objective since the end of April. It is taking all of their focus and energy. Others are also aware that if they become unwell there is no plan B

I made a promise to myself to protect my loved ones regardless of my own issues
I could not manage the situation if my wife contracted the virus
Covid is in Mum's home again - not good
Nothing else matters if you don't have your health

What's different about the second wave?

Time and time again we see carers being resilient and drawing on their inner resources to keep going. In the first wave there was a sense of community spirit and that we were all in this together. Winter makes it harder to get out and we may have lost sight of what support is available or think that others will be a priority before us.

Keeping our connections with the local council and GP surgery is important. Finding ways to accept help from friends, neighbours and family. Keeping an eye out for what is going on in our local community; meals services, food banks, volunteer befrienders and virtual events are still happening and in many cases these services learnt a lot in the first lockdown.

Remember that there are exceptions to Covid restrictions for caring and emergency situations. If you are facing a difficult decision about the right thing to do and it would help to talk it through do book an individual support call.

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