October Priorities for Carers

Our monthly poll of carers gives a snap shot of what's a priority for carers. The numbers alone say a lot and the things that carers said about why they chose the answer they did gives us a richer story of what is top of mind for carers at the moment.

The Headlines

Concern about Covid-19 is on the rise and the number of people that responded that their own stress and anxiety was a priority was almost as high.

For many carers protecting their loved one from the virus has been a priority since the beginning of the pandemic, others are feeling the increasing infection rates are having an impact.

"My priority has not changed since the end of February because my loved one is recovering from cancer."
"With infection rates doubling daily in our area, the risk feels very real again."

Stress and Anxiety Remain High

As well as the impact of caring through the pandemic carers are also concerned about other impacts of lockdown. Reduced income and restricted activities and support mean that carer's are bearing a heavy weight with little support.

"Stressed about my income"
"My caring role is very stressful and Covid-19 has made it worse. My father cannot go to his day centre or gym for his neuro rehab class. This means its difficult to have any time for self care."
"The longer the situation goes on the more stress I'm under; having to cope with restricted ability to go out to any sort of activity."

Long Term Challenges

Carers have had to overcome practical challenges like getting shopping and prescriptions whilst shielding, some with the added responsibility of home schooling. On the news and in social media we see people not taking the restrictions and guidelines seriously, it feels like there is no end in sight.

Many carers are unable to visit loved ones in care homes others have supported their loved ones through palliative care in some cases with limited support.

Carers are not super human, they have their own mental and physical health conditions too. Not everyone that we care for is grateful, there are difficult emotions and relationships to navigate too.

The Importance of Community

In the Mobilise Community we see carers supporting one another, being honest about their challenges, sharing the solutions they have found and embracing the idea of small amounts of uplift getting us through the day. My favourite bit - when someone new joins they welcome them with open arms. If you haven't yet, do join our community of unpaid carers!