Join the Mobilise community,
where together we care and thrive

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Our Mobilise Facebook Community is strictly a private community for unpaid carers.


It's purpose is to provide a safe space for unpaid carers to discuss their caring situations and personal life. A place where unpaid carers can share aspects of how tough and worthwhile caring can be and support one another, whilst also having a moment to laugh too! 

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No one ever said you had to do it alone

As Mark Hyman famously says, "The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic or hospital." 


Join thousands of unpaid carers already in the Mobilise community and experience the power of collective wisdom.


Their Facebook group is extremely popular and very informative for the carers as they put their queries to other like minded people.

Mobilise have been the only organisation to have given me valuable support and advice


I'm quite isolated and the support I get from Mobilise is fantastic in many forms. I've made friends and learned so much.

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How do we keep it a safe space?

At Mobilise, creating a space where carers can express themselves without fear of judgement is very important to us. 

As this group is private for unpaid carers, only members can see who has joined and what they post. 


We also have set community rules where each post and comment is closely monitored.

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How do I join?

You'll need Facebook account already, or you can sign up in just a few minutes. Once registered you can apply to join our community

We ask two quick questions to verify that you are unpaid carer, which we review and then you are in!

Meet thousands of unpaid carers already exchanging their knowledge and wisdom daily.

Here's some of the topics we discuss

  • The challenges of day to day caring

  • Funny situations that we find ourselves in 

  • Care of loved ones by others

  • How to get help with 

  • Queries about medication

  • Carers rights and the law

  • Getting help from your local carer centre or local council

And tons of specific situations where people share their challenges and the community rallies to support them. 

Our group rules

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  • Prohibited Posts & Comments

These include promotion of businesses, petitions and politics/campaigning

  • Local Events and Organisations

In general we will not approve promotion of local organisations and events - national and online is no problem.


  • Act in the Spirit of the Group

Always be kind and helpful. Please share what has worked for you - but avoid making generalisations about what others should or shouldn't do. 


  • Personally Identifiable Information

Do not post anything that reveals personal information like an email, address or phone number.


  • Frequency of Posting

Consider the balance of your posting, remember that the group is for the benefit of all, not just for one person.


  • Update your Posts

We encourage the community to share updates related to an original post, within the thread of that original post. This way those involved can stay up to date.


  • Trigger Warnings

Consider that the nature of your post might be triggering for others, with a small warning.


  • Check the Facts

Fact checking of posts is important, particularly where you are including contact information.


  • Re-sharing Popular Content

We'd love for the group to share original thoughts, feelings, ideas and stories. Avoid sharing posts that are 'doing the rounds', unless this has prompted a thought or feeling for you.


  • Act in a personal capacity

Please refrain from promotion of your own business or services. The group is for individuals to discuss your caring situations and personal life.