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Mobilise is a tech-for-good start-up which is part of the Zinc Portfolio. Our mission is to transform the support available for the 8 million people in the UK who are looking after someone.

We believe passionately that caring for somebody is something you shouldn't have to do on your own. That's why we are using technology to share the collected wisdom of experienced carers with those who are new to the role. 


But first, we want to make sure the existing available support is getting to everybody who needs it, so we're working with local authorities, carers centres and commercial providers to develop accessible ways to access information, advice and support.

Our Team

Kyro Brooks

Kyro has been a carer since he was 13. He trained with Deloitte to qualify as an accountant, and most recently was the first CEO of the Young Camden Foundation

James Townsend

James is a former teacher and President of Teach First. He most recently set up and led the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership


Tasneem Mayet
Gus Maskowitz
Joanne Higginson
Andy Skipper
Allegra Lynch
Chris Minett
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