Research and reports

Here at Mobilise we don't believe it's good enough to think that something is a good idea - we want to know that it is. We regularly work with leading academics and research agencies to understand what's important and what works. Take a look at what we've learnt so far. 

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Lessons from lockdown

Experience over the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that well-designed online services can open up support to new groups of carers, helping them to thrive in their caring role.


This report summarises relevant existing evidence about providing online support for carers - both from the social care sector and from a wider ‘digital transformation’ background - and introduces new evidence from the experience of carers leads and support providers through the pandemic.

Caring during lockdown

Challenges and opportunities for digitally supporting carers. A report on how digital technology can support carers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over the course of the UK’s first Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020, the daily Mobilise Virtual Cuppas formed part of a research project with CIRCLE at the University of Sheffield and the University of Liverpool.

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Reaching out

There is an urgent need for more accessible mental health support for carers across the UK. The Reaching Out report, which is based on a survey of carers centres across the country, reveals that too many carers are not receiving the support they need and their mental health is suffering as a result.