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Your personalised guide to caring

Looking after someone? Get the support you need right now, in your caring role.

Whether you’re new to caring or have been looking after someone for a while, our free Personalised Guide to Caring is a short tailored email course just for YOU.

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Caring for someone can feel overwhelming and lonely at times. Our guide will help you feel more confident with the knowledge you need. While our caring community can make things feel less lonely.

Easy-to-digest emails full of practical tips, knowledge and support


Created with experts and input from other carers who have been in similar situations to you.

When I received your first email recently I was so grateful for the information provided. I'll certainly refer back to it if I need to reread the information. I now feel I am not totally alone and isolated and that I can reach out for help when I I need it.

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What happens next?

1. Fill in our simple form

It takes less than a minute to complete.

2. We’ll send you five emails over several days 

Feel free to dip in and out of these emails whenever suits you. 


3. Each email contains the important things that can make a positive difference in your caring role

Such as benefit entitlement, access to paid care and of course looking after yourself! The content you receive is tailored to your situation, based on how long you’ve been caring and who you’re caring for.

Spread the knowledge

By the end of this guide, you’ll have knowledge, more confidence - and of course the tips and tricks carers have shared 😉  - to help make caring manageable.


We believe that carers learning from carers is one of the most valuable ways to spread knowledge, feel connected and know how to get the next bit of support needed.

We also see a lot of this support, connection and information sharing in our Mobilise community for unpaid carers. Come join our growing Mobilise community, for daily conversations and connection.

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I'm quite isolated and the support I get from Mobilise is fantastic in many forms. I've made friends and learned so much.” 

-Unpaid carer from the Mobilise community





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