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Benefits and savings toolkit for carers

Sometimes, those prescriptions, travel costs, new waterproof sheets, and incontinence pads really do add up. Let's face it, money matters can be daunting when we're looking after a family member or friend.


Our toolkit is here to simplify the help available for you.


A toolkit to help you save money and reduce costs

Simply fill out two short questions and we'll let you know what you and the person you care for might be missing out on.

Some of the things we cover:

🏡 Help with bills

💪 Money saving tips

💊 Reducing healthcare costs

📝 Help with debt

📍 Help from your local council

What you can expect:

👉 Benefits and grants: Depending on what you may or may not have already, we'll provide you a list of benefits you or the person you care for might be eligible for. 

💡 Carer budget-friendly tips: Receive over 100 money-saving hacks and carer secrets to help save a little more at home and on days out.

🏡 Help with bills: With inflation sweeping up a good chunk of our monthly costs, we've pulled together a list of schemes and grants to help with bills recommended by carers.

💬 Learn from over 60,000 carers: We're not just about numbers - we're about real-life experiences too. Access a community caring just like you and post any burning questions you may have. 

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Join the Mobilise Community

At Mobilise, we strongly believe that carers learning from carers is one of the most valuable ways to spread knowledge. The benefits system is a tricky one to navigate alone.


But we see a lot of support, connection, and information sharing in our Mobilise community for unpaid carers. Join our growing Mobilise Community, for daily conversations and connection.

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I'm quite isolated and the support I get from Mobilise is fantastic in many forms. I've made friends and learned so much.” 

-Unpaid carer from the Mobilise community





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