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Welcome to the Mobilise Library

A library filled with carers' wisdom and practical tips. Simply pick a Mobilise Support Guide that best suits your situation. Or start browsing and learning.

To make it easy to find the guide you are looking for we have broken them out into different sections:

Getting support and taking a break

Getting support and taking a break

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For those of us new to caring or when our caring role has taken a leap (or grown right under our noses!). There is lots of practical support for carers available. 

Carer's Assessment

Carers’ guide to respite

Applying for a Blue Badge

Carers Rights and the Law

How (and where) to register as a carer

Ways our friends and family can help (a great one to share)

First steps to getting help and support with our caring role

Planning for the future

Providing personal care

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Providing personal care
Carer wellbeing
Financial support for carers

Managing Covid-19

From vaccinations to getting the shopping done without leaving the house, take your pick of carer resources.

Carers' guide to the Covid-19 vaccine

Carers Covid-19 vaccination experiences
Carers' guide to getting stuff done without leaving the house

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Working carers
Managing Covid-19
Condition specific support
Getting support in the winter

Getting support in the winter

It's never too early or too late to prepare for the colder months ahead of us! Read our guides to find more about the different types of support available to you and how to access them. 

Carers' guide to winter support

Financial support for carers in winter

Financial checklist for carers

Carers' guide to winter health and safety

A winter wellbeing 'pick me up'

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