Carers' Week Cuppa Timetable

Take a look at the cuppas we have on this week in the timetable below. If you are ready to join, simply click the join button a few moments before the session is due to start. There is no need to pre-register. 

Find out more about our Cuppas and read our frequently asked questions on our Cuppa page. 

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Monday 7th June - 11am - Mindset Monday

Find out more about our Monday sessions and how our host Claire uses  NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming Tools) to impact our lives as carers and more.  

Hosted by Claire

Tuesday 8th June - 8.15pm - Chance to Chat

Our late night cuppa is a relaxed conversation for carers at the end of our busy days. We’re in  good hands as our host Jacqui always brings a little uplift. 

Hosted by Jacqui

Wednesday 9th June - 4pm - Coaching for carers

Welcome to the world of group coaching for carers, Suzanne (a certified coach) will host and  explain a little about what coaching is. You can join in with your first group coaching experience and see how you can move forwards.

Hosted by Suzanne (our certified coach)

Thursday 10th June - 11am - Big conversation

Our big conversation cuppa for carers week. We’ll be talking about how we can feel “Valued and Visible”.

Hosted by Suzanne

Friday 11th June - 4pm - Funtastic Friday

Wrapping up the week with the most popular of all our cuppas - Funtastic Friday. Join us for a  “Generation Game” style challenge that we can all join in with and a quick quiz - no prizes, just  guaranteed giggles and smiles to end our week.

Hosted by Suzanne