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Carer's Week Cuppa Timetable

Take a look at the cuppas we have on for Carer's Week 2024. There is no need to pre-register. Simply click on the 'Join the Cuppa' below when it's time!

Find out more about our Cuppas and read our frequently asked questions on our Cuppa page. 

Is this your first Cuppa?


You've probably got a few questions! Click the button for full information. 

Monday 10th June 11am

Start the week right - making the

most of Carer's Week

What does Carer's Week mean to you and how will you get the most out of it this week? 


Hosted by Suzanne

Tuesday 11th June 7.15pm

Relaxed chat

A chance to chat to other carers across the UK about the things that matter to you.

Hosted by Lucy

Wednesday 12th June 4pm -

Whole community approach to caring

How can we as carers can connect with and be supported by our wider communities.

Hosted by Suzanne

Thursday 13th June 11am

Putting our wellbeing first

Five things you can do today or this week for your own wellbeing.

Hosted by Lucy

Friday 14th June 4pm

Funtastic Friday

A fun and relaxed online meet up for carers a fun challenge and an easy quiz.

Hosted by Karen

Saturday 15th June 4pm

A life outside of caring

Chatting about all things life outside of caring

Hosted by Karen

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