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Carer's Week Cuppa Timetable

Take a look at the cuppas we have on for Carer's Week 2024. There is no need to pre-register. Simply click on the 'Join the Cuppa' below when it's time!

Make sure you don't miss a Cuppa - Sign in to the Mobilise Hub and get a link to pop in your diary and a notification to remind you.

Find out more about our Cuppas and read our frequently asked questions on our Cuppa page. 

Is this your first Cuppa?


You've probably got a few questions! Click the button for full information. 

Monday 10th June 11 - 11.45am

Sharing your journey 💪

A letter writing activity, imagining you were writing to another carer.  Share your carer journey and recognise the support that works for you.


Hosted by Awais

Tuesday 11th June 7-7.45pm

Relaxed chat with carers across the UK 😊

A chance to chat to others, sharing our thoughts and experiences on Carers Week and other topics that matter.

Hosted by Lucy

Wednesday 12th June 1-1.45pm

Empowerment and self-care  💫

We don't always love these words...but how can we embrace them in a way that works for us? Join the disucssion, share and learn. 

Hosted by Lucy & Awais

Thursday 13th June 1-1.45pm

Community support 🤗

Making use of what's available in our local communities and online, sharing what works for us and learning from each other.

Hosted by Awais & Lucy

Friday 14th June 4-4.45pm

Bring a book club 📖

Just like a book club....but with a Mobilise twist. Rather than having to read a specific book by a specific date (Oh the pressure🤯) at Mobilise's book club we can bring any book we've read, are reading or are intending to read.

Hosted by Karen

Saturday 15th June 10-10.45am

A life outside caring 🌳 

Chatting about all things life outside of caring.  Work, our hobbies, education and more.

Hosted by Suzanne & Karen

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