The Mobilise Guide to bladder and bowel incontinence

So we thought we'd talk all things poo and wee! Don't be shy - we all do it! But in all likelihood as a carer, we may have more tales than our average person.

What follows is a mix of humour and practical advice. We shouldn't be afraid to talk about poop. For many of us, it is very prevalent in our day to day lives. And let's face it, clearing up after someone else's bowel movements is unlikely to be the job we mentioned to our careers adviser at school.

But. Here we are.

We're amazing people, who want to preserve the dignity of the person we care for. But also find our own way of coping when the sh*t hits the fan! And no doubt, someone has an actual tale of sh*t hitting a fan!

How we cope day to day depends on a few factors.

When the person we care for is aware of the poop patrol clear up

This makes a big difference to how 'awkward' the situation may be. If the person we're caring for is very aware of the situation, then it can be embarrassing for everyone involved.

Light humour seems to be the way many carers approach the situation. With the old saying "if you didn't laugh you'd cry" coming to mind!

Our favourite 'make light' joke we've heard is,

"We appear to have ourselves a Shituation!"

Obviously, we also know the personality and relationship with the person care for, best. Light humour may be the perfect remedy to lighten the mood - but of course, it may not! We'll know what feels right - and no doubt are naturally approaching it in that way already.

When the person we care for is unaware of the

poop situation!

This does typically remove the embarrassment from the moment, but it can also (often) mean, that 'Shituations' can escalate, as no-one has let you know there is something to clear up.

There can be some big clear ups involved, and carers talk openly about the challenges in maintaining hygiene - how to keep fingernails clean, how to clean poo off of a variety of surfaces and how many changes of clothes they should pack for a day out!

Advice from our community of ca