A Carer's Guide to Getting Out and About

We’ve been in lockdown for so long that as restrictions are easing we might all feel a bit differently about getting out and about. Maybe there are some specific barriers to overcome, What we know for sure from carers that have started to enjoy the new freedoms - it is definitely worth the effort.

We asked carers in our community what challenges they were facing, and more importantly what solutions they had found.

Keep up to date

Guidelines are being updated more frequently now and differ depending on what country we are in. We don't have to go at the same pace, we can take time to make our own decisions, we might need to tell others what we think too so they understand why we aren't accepting invitations or that we might be more keen to get out and meet up than we were before.

This Government page has links for the most recent updates for all 4 nations.

Get tested

Free Covid home test kits are now available for adults. For additional protection for ourselves and those we are meeting we can carry out a Lateral Flow Test before we leave the house (and ask those we are meeting with to do the same). We can order ours here.

Vaccination for unpaid carers

Many of us have already had our first vaccination and even our second. Don’t forget as unpaid carers we are in priority group 6 and so can book our vaccine now if we haven’t already had it. Find out more here.

Small steps

As with all change small forward steps can make it easier to manage, we might even find ourselves looking forward to simple pleasures.

I find doing one or two things in a week to mark increased freedom helps, if it’s possible....

A few small step ideas from the community:

  • A takeaway coffee on a park bench, maybe with a friend

  • A short door step chat

  • A wander around a spacious garden centre or open air market

  • Shopping in a smaller, local shop - just buy a few items

  • Shopping at non peak times

  • A trip to the seaside might be quite a mission, is there a patch of grass, open sky or water that is nearer?

  • A mini picnic

  • Join an outdoor exercise session or a walk and chat group

  • A trip to the zoo, farm or other outdoor attraction

Still not keen to do supermarkets. Still shopping online but it’s lonely.

Just popping to the loo!

For many of us this isn't easy at the best of times but there are a few things that could help.