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Nurtured By Nature

We asked carers in the Mobilise community, what keeps their spirits up and their outlooks positive.

Whether it was a walk to the park, time in the garden, or admiring nature from our windows, carers have shared that it has helped make their day a little brighter. In fact, there is research that suggests that engaging with nature can make us healthier and happier - and this includes indoor plants!

Illustration of a couple gardening together.

Here are some of the ways unpaid carers in our community have kept their fingers green!

1. Grow our own

Those of us lucky enough to have access to a garden got started right away. But there are still quite a few options for the rest of us.

Many carers tended to pot plants in their home. If we'd like to get started on this, there are plenty of starter kits online, which can be ordered for delivery. We can also get inspired with Homestead Brooklyn's Ultimate Guide to Growing Plants Indoors.

Pick Up Limes also have a video on houseplant care tips for beginners:

Some carers took the opportunity to grow herbs on their windowsill, which have the added benefit of adding to home cooking.

2. Capture it

Many of us use technology to keep us connected with our family, and friends. So why not technology to connect us to nature too?

Some carers captured the wildlife and natural beauty they can saw from their window.

Others discovered little pockets of green gorgeousness while exercising. Taking photos can really help us focus on things we might not have seen before. It can be a reminder of something that brightened our day or something we can share with others.

Plus, it means our gallery is filled with things that make us feel good!

3. Create our own bird feeder

Creating our own bird feeder is a great way for us to bring wildlife to our window. Birds are attracted to a good food source and so we might find new birds stopping by and a few popping back again! You never know, you might start to recognise the regulars.

These outdoor pets look after us too; they manage our insect population, pollinate our flowers and pose for the camera if we’re fast enough.

The Natural History Museum has a super fun guide on how we can make a start.

4. Take part in a Wildlife Challenge

If we are someone who wants to be even closer to nature, or to connect with it in a new, fun, interactive way, we might enjoy trying some activities as part of a Wildlife Challenge! From exploring nature to doing our part to help it, there are loads of activities to choose from.

For some inspiration, we might want to explore the RSBP website, which includes visiting a reserve. We can also use their site to check if there's parking, accessible toilets and whether it's pushchair accessible.

5. Check out wildlife webcams

For those of us who cannot leave the house or prefer the indoors, we can still interact with nature through wildlife webcams and live streams! For example, some carers have also enjoyed watching live animals across the world with Explore, the world's leading philanthropic live nature cam network and documentary film channel.

Have you tried any of these, or do you have any other suggestions? Share them with us!

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