A carers' guide to getting stuff done without leaving the house

As carers, getting out of the house isn't always easy. Leaving the person we care for might be impossible or only possible when we have alternative support in place. Whether we are unable to leave the home because of our schedule or the weather, here are some new options and creative solutions. Perfect for winter hibernation too!

Illustration of a man of a man sitting on the couch with his laptop.

Two important things before we dive in

1. If getting out to do these things is an enjoyable escape and a way of connecting with others, that might be important too!

2. Some of these things might cost a little extra - this might be balanced against the cost of mileage, bus fares or parking. We can also mention these additional costs in our next carers assessment.

Five ways carers are getting stuff done without leaving the house

1. Shopping from home

This includes large supermarket online grocery shopping. If we're doing this regularly, check to see if the supermarket where we shop has a monthly subscription charge for delivery - it might save us money over a year.

We can also do local grocery shopping. In some areas, we can also get smaller deliveries from smaller local stores too. Many village stores and corner shops will accept an order by telephone and deliver locally too.

There endless amount of e-commerce options. Many retail businesses offer an online or telephone shopping option. Smaller businesses often sell through larger platforms such as Etsy, Ebay and Amazon.

Illustration of a woman online shopping on her phone.

There are even options to buy and sell second hand (or even find items for free) through:

2. Taking care of ourselves and those we care for

"Online appointments with my daughter's consultant have been so much less stressful and can be managed around my working day - I don't have to take time off work."

Opt for online medical appointments if we can. There will always be a time when it is best to see a healthcare professional face to face but as carers we are now finding some appointments work just as well online or by telephone, with the added benefit of less time and money spent travelling. In some cases a less stressful experience when we and those we care for are in the comfort of our own home.

Take care of our wellbeing. Search Youtube for free online exercises, book our chiropodist to visit us at home or use apps for meditation and mindfulness.

3. Essential jobs

"If I have limited opportunities to leave the house I'd rather spend it doing something more exciting that queuing for the post office."