Four simple ways our workplace can support unpaid carers

As part of our "I like it when..." series, we are sharing what our community likes to see, hear and feel, from different parts of their lives. In this blog, we will be specifically covering the topic of workplace, colleague and our bosses

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Being an unpaid carer can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but there are some simple things our colleagues, workplace and boss can do or be aware of, to improve things every day.

To make us feel heard, improve our own health outcomes, minimise our logistical challenges, support our mental health, make us feel included, support us to continue working, and simply improve our day.

What follows are genuine comments shared by our carer community.

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"I like it when my workplace, colleague and boss...

1. Allows flexibility

“Allows me to continue to work from home to help me juggle work and caring for my mum.”
“Be flexible if I need to take mum to hospital or care for my sister.”
“Gives me time off for appointments.”

2. Trusts me

“Allows me to use my phone at work to check in with home.”
“Trusts me to manage my time around caring commitments.”
“Understands invisible disabilities.”

3. Shows interest and compassion

“Asks if I'm okay”
"Is kind when my mum's taken seriously ill."

4. Walk to talk and talk the talk

It’s not just enough to talk about flexible working and compassion. The values need to be demonstrated throughout the organisation, at every level, through all interactions.

Unpaid carers (and everyone) can be our best self, when we can bring our whole self.

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For more information on working carers’ rights, including what we’re allowed to request without fear of discrimination, 'Which' have a useful guide.