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Carers' Guide to Winter Support

Winter can pose additional challenges for unpaid carers. From it becoming harder to leave the house with our the person we're caring for, to the additional financial strain of extra heating. Plus, managing our own carer wellbeing through those darker months.

Financial Support for Carers through winter

Financial support for carers through winter

On average 9,700 deaths each year believed to be caused by living in a cold house. It’s therefore essential that, if needed, we know how to find financial support to keep us and the person we care for warm through winter.

Read our article which lists three UK heating benefits we may be entitled to.

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Winter wellbeing for carers

Winter wellbeing for carers

Supporting our wellbeing is important at any time of year, but winter does bring additional challenges for many of us. Putting ourselves first is never selfish, and in fact is the only way we’ll be able to keep on caring for others. 

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

We’ve pulled together simple ways to support our wellbeing, including a daily healthy habits tracker to get us started.

Winter wellbeing for carers

Carers' guide to winter health and saftey

A simple guide to staying healthy, and reducing risks. From taking vitamins and getting flu jabs, through to gritting pathways - and everything in between - there are lots of things we can be doing to support ourselves as carers.

Carers' guide to winter health and safety

Carers guid to winter health and safety

Carers' tips for spiralling living costs

Carers tips for spiralling living costs

With the rising living costs this year, many carers in the Mobilise community have been sharing top tips to help save a little more on bills. Although this is not something we wanted to write about, we hope that sharing some of these tips will help you.

Carers's guide to spiralling living costs

Carers' guide to getting stuff done without leaving the house

It can be trickier to get out and get jobs done in the winter, especially if you need to take your ‘cared for’ with you. The weather and the shorter days can add extra challenges to what may already be a difficult logistical situation.  


And, while we would alway encourage ourselves to get outside when we can, here is our guide to making life a little easier.

Carers guide to getting stuff done without leaving the house

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Carers gude to getting stuff don







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