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Being a young adult carer can be really tough

Kate talks to us about supporting her mum who suffers with poor mental health

#Mentalhealth #youngcarer #supportingaparent


John and his wife Emily laugh and disagree about who cares for who in their relationship

Emily has Cystic Fibrosis 




Tina talks about her experience caring for her husband, David

David suffers with Type 1 Bipolar disorder 

#Mentalhealth #supportingapartner


Allegra and her team at the Camden Carers' Centre support thousands of carers.

She talks about the things she's learned from carers.

#support #carerscentres


Dawn who cared for both her parents and had to give up work  to support them

She talks about how singing helped her cope with stress.

#singing #supportingaparent

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