Online Support for Unpaid Carers in Surrey Heartlands

Are you working for Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System (ICS) including Surrey Council and the NHS? If you have a caring role you can sign up now to access free support from Mobilise and be part of a new community for unpaid staff carers.

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We're here to support you in your caring role. As well as having access to all the great things Mobilise have to offer we'll be creating a new online community just for Surrey Heartlands ICS.


Kick-start with our Email Course

To kick-start your support from us, sign-up to our five-part email course, designed specifically to help unpaid carers. Establish strong foundations to your care or double check you have the essentials in place. 

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Connect with other carers

Very soon we’ll be launching a private online group where we can chat together at any time. The group will be moderated, with plenty of conversation starters to get us chatting.

Join a virtual cuppa


There will be a series of Virtual Cuppas - hosted by Carers Coach Suzanne this will be an opportunity to chat to others with a caring role.  We’ll be talking about wellbeing, sharing tips, tackling the challenging questions as well as looking at balancing our work and caring roles.


Sign up to be sent the timetable and links to join.

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Speak to Suzanne

You also have access to a dedicated Carer’s coach Suzanne.  This is your chance to talk about what matters to you.  Book a 30 minute call to focus on you. Suzanne will listen and partner with you to move forwards.  


I can't quite believe this service is free and I can just book a time to talk whenever I need to.

Coaching works with the whole of you, not just you as a carer. Carers experience amazing breakthroughs in just 30 minutes, although of course you can have more than one call.

I spouted out all of my anxieties and thoughts and Suzanne helped me focus and set a small goal to work on no pressure ...go for it you have nothing to lose in these hard times ...thank you so much.

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