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Karen Steadman

Mobilise Support Specialist

"Hi there! I come from a theatre background, making a living for most of my life through performing, teaching and stand-up. I run workshops, classes and direct plays, the most recent being The Vicar of Dibley and Romeo and Juliet.

I also really love to travel and I backpacked my way around Europe and South America in my late teens, then going on to work in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil for four years. I became fascinated with music and dance from the places I visited and play both Cuban and Brazilian drums, often in Brazilian Samba and Cuban Carnival bands.

I care for my darling Mum who had a major stroke in 2020. I now live with her and her noisy cat who may make an appearance on calls at times, in the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales. I'm busy discovering the many spectacular beaches the area boasts, especially the smaller, secluded coves when holiday season hits. I swim all year, which I find is great for both mind and body.

At Mobilise, I'm enjoying meeting other carers, sharing stories, ironing out the difficulties and finding the things we can laugh about together."

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