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Mohammad Awais

Carer Support Team Manager

"Hello! I’ve always enjoyed understanding how the human mind works, constantly watching shows like Criminal Minds and CSI.

This led me to study Criminology at University and take on roles where I have worked with young adults with challenging behaviour and diverse needs in semi-independent homes and the HMP Young Offenders Institute.

These roles have provided me with skills to better understand the challenges people from all backgrounds face and how they impact our lives.

I live with my wife and we have a two year old son who was born with Hydrocephalus. My son suffered a stroke just before his first birthday, which changed our lives.

Every day is a challenge but his beautiful smile makes it a little easier.

In my spare time, I enjoy trekking and swimming and visiting English Heritage Sites (love history), having visited all the Royal Historical Palaces and have done some trekking and (zip wiring in some) in Wales, Cornwall, Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan and Kashmir. I hope to one day to a longer trek in Hunza Valley, Northern Pakistan."

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