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Truth St Louis

Administrative Assistant

"Hi, I’m Truth (she/her)! My role here at Mobilise is Administrative Assistant for the Partnership Team."

I am a creative individual who loves to think outside the box. I enjoy new ideas and putting actions in place to bring these ideas to life. I tend to get myself involved in planning and organising events such as birthday parties, Christmas/New Year parties and other similar events. I have a very big family so planning an event is like a full time job but I absolutely love it!

I live at home with my family and can honestly say I am with them 24/7. I am very family oriented so I always put my family first when it comes to most things. I am one of six children and the only female sibling which to me is very fun as my brothers leave me to organise adventurous activities (gives me a sense of leadership) which I love. We have taken many trips (here and abroad) and have experienced different cultures as well as being heavily involved within our own culture.

With all the above being said, this leads me on to why I joined Mobilise. I found that it is a people centric organisation that demonstrates the value of helping others.

Fun fact:
Since I was a child I have always wanted to open a zoo that has many types of big cats such as Lions, Tigers & Panthers.

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