Five wellbeing quick wins

Our wellbeing is a serious and important issue. And we recognise that many are us are juggling to make time for ourselves. Starting new list to help with our well-being might not be top of our list at the moment.

But how about five quick wins that carers like us have been recommending to help us in our day-to-day caring role?

1. Get creative with a hobby or craft

A few ideas we have had from carers include painting a rainbow to put in the window, finishing off a knitting project (after 10 years) and making a tortoise from a hanging basket!

2. Look out for mindfulness or meditation sessions on Facebook or Youtube

Here is a great five minute meditation we can do from anywhere. Take some time out for ourselves today - it doesn't have to be long. Short breaks are just as effective.

3. Shrink down our to do list and focus on one or

two things

Achieving and being satisfied with something small is a way of being kind to ourself. In our Virtual Cuppa for Carers, everyone loved this quote:

"If we say no today we'll be able to say yes tomorrow."

4. Play a song that gets us moving and lifts our mood

Plenty of ideas on our Mobilise playlist. A carer I was chatting to today nudged me to dip into some Northern Soul - try this!

5. If we have a pet we will know how good they can be for our well-being

If we don't have one we could have a video chat with someone else's pet. Or finding some cute animal videos! We've met some lovely dogs and cats on our Virtual Cuppas for Carers.

What other quick wins for well-being can you suggest? Do share your thoughts in our Facebook community and connect with other unpaid carers just like yourself!