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Blue Badge Applications Made Simple

A Blue Badge could make life in Shropshire easier for you or someone you are caring for.  Find out now if you can apply.

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Blue Badge Facts

  • You can apply for a Blue Badge on behalf of someone else

  • Over 2 Million people are automatically entitled to a Blue Badge

  • Only your Local Council or can provide a Blue Badge

  • 53% of people who are automatically entitled to a Blue Badge have not applied for one

Your Blue Badge Checker

In under five minutes, our checker takes you through a few questions that will help us to tell you if you automatically qualify for a Blue Badge

We do not share your data with third parties without your consent.

View our data privacy notice here

We believe that carers should have clarity and access to the help they need - all the time.  That's why all our services are free and accessible to every carer.  We work closely with local councils and carers to make sure that you always have access to the help you need.

About Mobilise


Hi, I'm Suzanne, Carers Coach here at Mobilise


Imagine the difference that a Blue Badge could make to the lives of you and your family.  Making trips out easier and quicker, find a parking space that is near the shops, medical centre or pharmacy.

As a carer for my husband with Parkinson's getting a Blue Badge has meant we can do more as a family, have fun and access the services we need.  

Not everyone that uses a Blue Badge is a wheelchair user.  Recent changes mean that more hidden disabilities are also recognised when applying.

If there is something stopping you from getting a Blue Badge (pride, complicated forms, lack of time)  I'd love to help.  We can start with a free phone call, you can book this right now at a time to suit you.

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