Dip into our selection box of carer wisdom

Illustration of three carers together.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to answer our “Mobilise Moment” questions.

This is our monthly temperature check-in for unpaid carers in the Mobilise community, checking in on how we’re all feeling and what we are tackling right now. Find out how people in the Mobilise community are feeling and to take part next month, simply sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you're not already).

Christmas isn't always a joy!

  • Not everyone is looking forward to the festive season, it can be quite a stressful time, we might be dealing with difficult memories, loneliness and heightened expectations.

  • Support from services, family and friends is lacking for some of us

  • Many of us are experiencing strong emotions including overwhelm, grief and anxiety.

So if we are finding things tough we are not alone. This month we know we need some carer wisdom to help us through.

All of our situations are different and the things that work for us will be different too. We chatted to carers in the community over a couple of cuppas about their plans for the next two weeks. What emerged wasn’t a clever to-do list or impossible goals to transform our lives but instead some carer wisdom - the things we need to tell ourselves to keep going, to get through and maybe even improve things a little.

Here’s a selection box of wisdom from carers

Simply choose the things that work for you and leave out the things that don’t:

Illustration of a parcel box carried by a  parachute.

Say yes to all offers of help

Only do what is essential

Practise gratitude

Avoid social media (stop doom scrolling)

Do one thing at a time

Lower expectations but notice delight

Just enjoy what can be enjoyed

Be a bit silly

Let go of the plan

Perfection is not needed

Set healthy boundaries with friends and family

Make time for you

Comparison is the thief of joy

You can't please everyone

Be present

Don't overthink things

Read a book

Don't aim for perfection

No need to conform

Surround yourself with positive people.

Spend time outside in nature

Christmas dinner is just a roast dinner… simplify

Don’t drink the whole bottle!

If you have invited people to your house - just be the venue not the host

Be kind to yourself