• Claire Cook

Top tips for making Christmas work for YOU

It's accepted that Christmas may be a bit different this year. It's also accepted, that maybe it isn't!

Either way, we all have our own way of doing things, different traditions, and different feelings about the holiday time. We may be mourning the loss of some of these traditions this year, or excited about the opportunity to create new ones. All feelings are valid!

If you're one of the carers facing Christmas on your own, or feeling like you're on your own. And if that has left you feeling a bit low, then firstly, know that you're not on your own.

Secondly, our cuppa regulars have shared the ways in which they'll be making their Christmas day that bit easier, that bit more fun, and that bit more special.

Carers' top tips

  1. If cooking feels like too much: Grab yourself a Tesco* Meal Deal for 2! It's £35 and a great way to avoid the high effort on a meal, that won’t always be eaten. Oh, and it comes with Champagne! (* other supermarkets may also have offers ;o))

  2. Connecting with others: Having a couple of people to call, especially if they're also on their own, really lifts spirits. Both mine and theirs!

  3. Treat yourself! buy yourself a lovely gift - maybe something to pamper yourself on the day, or a new DVD box set to indulge in!

  4. Buy indulgent food! Continuing with the theme of treating yourself! Maybe it's the Tesco meal deal mentioned above? Or a yummy cheese board? Or some salted caramel? What's your favourite? I think mine has to be the cheese! And then savour it! Really enjoy it!

  5. Decorate: It can really lift the mood of the room, and build a sense of occasion. But if that's too much, even just a lovely scented candle can make the room feel nicer.

  6. Pop your tunes on! And no, they don't have to be Christmas tunes! Get in the present wrapping mood, with a great playlist and your favourite drink. Maybe light your candle too! Music can really enhance our mood.

  7. Ignore external expectations: There is no definition of what a 'good Christmas' should look like. It's no one else's business ;o) how you choose to spend your Christmas. Don't let other people's expectations pressurise you. You're allowed to make the best decisions for you and your household.

  8. Go with the flow: When life has a tendency to throw you curveballs, it can be liberating to be flexible. To go with the flow, rather than to resist. For those of you familiar with Ti Chi, you'll know that there is great power in yielding, rather than fighting and resisting.

  9. Look out for opportunities to chat: In the run up to Christmas, some supermarkets like Asda have a "happy to chat" scheme, where staff can stop and chat for 15 minutes.

What would you add? Do pop over to our community to share!

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