• Claire Cook

How to create a one-page profile for our cared-for

One page profiles are a snapshot of the most important information about our cared-for. This can help us reduce the amount of times we have to repeat ourselves, but also provides reassurance that the most important stuff is captured.

We're not talking about medication timetables here, we're talking about the softer stuff - like how our cared-for like to be communicated with, their likes and dislikes, favourite food, plus anything that is an absolute no-no for them.

"It captures the subtle nuances, which allows for great care"

If our cared-for is able, then they can be involved in creating the content.

There are no rules about what to include, but ideally we should keep it to one side of A4 (which we could laminate!). The below list offers some suggestions to get us started.

  1. What people love and appreciate about me

  2. What is important to me

  3. What makes me happy

  4. How I like to communicate

  5. How I like to spend my leisure time

  6. How to support me

  7. Things I'll need reminding about

  8. Things I really dislike/ What doesn't work for me

  9. Things you must let my carer know about

  10. Personal care needs I have and my preferences

To get us started, below is an example template we might like to copy.