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Weekly Routine Planner for carers

One of the most important things for keeping many carers going is to have a routine. We've been talking to carers about how their routines have changed throughout and after the Coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some of the thoughts that are coming up:

If you'd like to prepare your own weekly routine, we've prepared a weekly planner for you to download here.

Eight handy questions to think about when planning our weekly routines:

  1. Are there any important routines for the person we care for (e.g. Medication, appointments, physio etc)?

  2. When will we make time to speak to others – family, friends, neighbours, other carers? This could be over the telephone, on a video call or even a cup of tea over the garden fence. Our have Virtual Cuppas is every day from Monday to Friday – we can sign up here.

  3. There’s a lot of news coming through that we may want to filter. What will be our moments of the day to check in on what’s going on? Other carers also tell us it helps to have time when we switch off, including social media updates.

  4. Research says that connecting with nature can really help our mental health. What opportunities do we have? If we can’t go for a walk outside, perhaps we could make a bird feeder?

  5. Sometimes it’s tempting to make ourselves busy all the time. When will we schedule some quiet time to read a book? Check out our 'top books every carer should read' blog for new book inspirations!

  6. What are the practical things that need doing (cleaning, washing etc)? Who else could help?

  7. Get in physical activity whenever we have the opportunity to do so. What would be the best time for getting going? There are some special videos online to help us exercise at home.

  8. Weekends: How will we make the weekend feel different – is there something relaxing or fun, perhaps?

What's next?

Do you have anything you would recommend to other carers to help their routines really work for them? We would love to hear your ideas, do send an email to Suzanne.

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