How to keep the person we care for cool and hydrated

As carers, remembering the simple things, like having two litres of water a day may feel like a long-winded task. Getting the person we care for to do this can be harder.

Here are some great carers’ tips and tricks on how to best keep our loved ones cool and hydrated during warmer weather.

Creative carer tips on how to keep the person we care

for cool

Pinpointing exactly when summer is in the UK, has become an impossible game of guestimation. But when the days or weeks do start heating up, it’s important that our health (and those we care for) is at the forefront of our minds.

Here are some super creative tips and tricks carers in our community have shared with us to keep our loved ones cool and hydrated.

1. The good old fan

This comes as no surprise! As the saying goes, ‘UK heat is nowhere close to holiday heat’, (as much as we wish it was), so we have to work extra hard to get our temperatures down.

One carer suggested having more than one fan in the room. This is especially helpful if we need to overcompensate for additional heat from equipment such as an oxygen machine.

It’s also helpful if the person we care for has limited mobility, or is unable to communicate to us that they are hot.

We can also get ourselves portable air conditioners. Especially if the person we care for does not like to stay in one room, we can simply take this around with us. Ranging from small ones to big ones, they are great for blasting that cold air that we desperately need to search for in hot weather.

2. The ‘unusual’ uses of ice!

For the super hot days, these creative ideas include sliding an ice pack into our pillow case and holding it between our knees and wrists. Also known as 'chillows', it is a super cost-effective and sustainable way to gently keep the person we care for cool.

We can also find chillows on Amazon which are stored in the freezer or fridge, and then go straight into our pillow cases. Or, we can simply DIY with what we have at home!

Another carer also suggested cool touch ice towels for instant cooling. We simply soak it, and wring it out to get a fast-cooling towel. It also helps to wrap it around the person we care for’s pressure points, and repeat this every time the water from the towel has evaporated.

Thirdly, a tip for if we get any of those incredibly hot days. Simply cooling our loved one’s pyjamas. We can do this by placing the pyjamas (or bed sheets - we have a theme here) into a plastic bag and putting the bag in the fridge just before they are about to go to bed. Then we have super cool pyjamas - no pun intended!

3. Our favourite ice-creams

Cooling ourselves and the person we care for down, wouldn’t really be cooling down if we didn’t add ice-cream to the mix! Whether it be a Snickers ice-cream, a Solero or Ben and Jerrys, this is by far the most satisfying method.

And if the person we care for can’t have too much sugar, an alternative is freezing some sugar free yogurt and this will taste just as good.