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Your Carers Toolkit

Our community of carers are sharing what's helping them through these difficult times.  Together we have built up a toolkit of resources that we can all use.  We're adding to it all the time, you can sign up to our daily or weekly e-support package to be kept in the loop.

Connect with other carers

Join a Mobilise Cuppa by video call to chat to others who are looking after someone

​The Mobilise Community Facebook Group is friendly and welcoming, a great place to swap tips and share challenges

Speak to someone

Book a free 30 minute 1-1 call with our carers coach, focus on yourself and talk about what's important to you

If you need to talk to someone urgently take a look at our list of Emergency and Helpful numbers

Common challenges

Finance - Many of us have had to change our caring setup during lock-down. That can mean extra costs, and is financial support out there.

Emergency Plan - Every carer will have thought 'What if something happens to me?' in the last few weeks. Here's a quick tool for setting up a plan.

Routines - A big part of coping with lock-down is getting into a routine. Have a go with our planner

Asking for help - not always an easy thing to do but there are organisations and communities that are ready to help you.







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